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FAQ overhead conveyor technology


Overhead conveyor technology

Can overhead conveyor technology be equipped with RFID technology?2023-11-10T11:35:33+01:00

Yes, overhead conveyor technology from Schönenberger Systeme can be equipped with RFID technology. RFID technology in conjunction with an overhead conveyor from Schönenberger Systeme enables not only the identification and tracking of goods in real time, but also the automation of processes, which significantly increases efficiency and control in material flow systems.

How maintenance-intensive is overhead conveyor technology?2023-11-10T11:25:22+01:00

The maintenance requirements for overhead conveyor technology from Schönenberger Systeme are very low. It includes regular inspections, lubrication work and, if necessary, the replacement of wearing parts. The exact frequency of maintenance depends on the use and operating conditions of the overhead conveyor system. Use the maintenance package from Schönenberger Systeme to ensure optimum performance and a long service life for your overhead conveyor.

Are inclines and declines possible?2023-11-15T11:18:04+01:00

Yes, overhead conveyors from Schönenberger Systems can easily overcome inclines and declines. The inclination angles and speeds of the overhead conveyor technology can be adapted to the specific requirements of the environment.

Schoenenberger-Systems Omniflo Floor Crossing
Can manual and automated sections be realized in the same system?2023-11-10T11:26:25+01:00

Yes, overhead conveyors from Schönenberger Systeme allow the integration of manual and automated sections in the same system. This allows manual work processes and automated material transport to work seamlessly side by side. This combination optimizes efficiency and flexibility in different operating environments.

Can a warehouse or production hall be retrofitted with overhead conveyor technology and can the systems be flexibly extended?2023-11-15T11:28:32+01:00

Yes, existing warehouses and production halls can be retrofitted with overhead conveyor technology from Schönenberger Systems. By using the third dimension, overhead conveyors are extremely space-saving. Whether new construction or existing logistics. Whether as a complete solution or as a supplement: overhead conveyors from Schönenberger Systems are individually adaptable and flexible – even for future adaptations or extensions.

Schoenenberger-Systems Garment Production Retrofit
Schoenenberger-Systems Omniflo LTA Trolley

Can different goods, such as hanging and flat goods, be transported together in one system?2023-11-10T11:27:52+01:00

Yes, overhead conveyor technology from Schönenberger Systems offers the flexibility to transport different goods, whether hanging or lying, in a single system. Overhead conveyor technology can be adapted to specific requirements to ensure the smooth coexistence of different goods.

Can overhead conveyor technology also transport lying goods?2023-11-10T14:23:53+01:00

Yes, specially developed load carriers and brackets can also be used to transport lying goods with an overhead conveyor. The devices designed for this purpose ensure gentle transportation and represent an advantage of overhead conveyor technology over a classic flat conveyor solution.

Are there any limits to the maximum weight that can be transported with an overhead conveyor?2023-11-15T12:47:38+01:00

The weight capacity of an overhead conveyor varies depending on the model and configuration. It ranges from lightweight textiles to heavy industrial parts. This aspect makes suspended conveyor technology a promising intralogistics solution for many industries.

Schönenberger Systems offers a wide range of load-bearing capacities to meet the most diverse requirements.

Schönenberger systems in automotive production (seat covers)

Schönenberger systems in automotive production (seat covers)

Pouch sorter from Schönenberger for maximum variety when transporting goods

Schönenberger Systeme Pouch Sorters for maximum flexibility when transporting goods

Are the load carriers customized?2023-11-10T14:20:44+01:00

In addition to tried and tested standard components, Schönenberger Systems develops individual load carriers for each overhead conveyor system to suit specific products and requirements. A customized overhead conveyor guarantees an optimum solution for intralogistics material flow.

What can be transported with overhead conveyors?2023-11-10T11:32:04+01:00

Overhead conveyor technology is used to transport a wide variety of goods of different sizes and weight classes. The flexibility of Schönenberger Systems’ suspended conveyor technology makes it possible to adapt transport solutions to specific requirements. This means that a wide variety of goods (from items of clothing and mattress covers to bumpers) can be transported using an overhead conveyor.

In which industries is overhead conveyor technology used?2023-11-10T11:32:49+01:00

Overhead conveyors are used in a wide variety of industries. Schönenberger Systems counts companies from the fashion, automotive, textile, e-commerce and industrial sectors among its customers. They have been relying on suspended conveyor technology for decades.

What are the advantages of overhead conveyors compared to other conveyor technologies?2023-11-10T11:33:26+01:00

Suspended conveyor technology enables optimum space utilization and free floor space by using the vertical space above the work areas and transport routes. Overhead conveyors also transport sensitive products gently and protect them from damage and soiling. At the same time, large quantities of goods can be transported effortlessly from A to B with overhead conveyor technology. In addition, an automated overhead conveyor system delivers the required goods to the dispatch or production stations automatically, at the right time and in the right sequence. Long search and travel times are eliminated.

These advantages make suspended conveyor technology an attractive solution for intralogistics in warehouses, production facilities and distribution centers.

What is overhead conveyor technology?2024-02-16T14:35:51+01:00

What is overhead conveyor technology? Overhead conveyor technology, also known as overhead conveyors, moves goods along a rail in warehouses or production facilities. With a guided rail system, it ensures efficient intralogistics material transportation. Schoenenberger Systeme has been planning, developing and installing customized suspended conveyor technology solutions for customers worldwide for over 45 years.

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