Over 45 years ago, apparel production was the initial industry focus of Schönenberger Systeme. Today, the spectrum ranges from automotive to apparel logistics and from e-commerce to laundries. Our customers profit from our extensive experience and our wide-ranging solution expertise.

Our focus is on overhead conveyor systems for production and warehousing as well as facilities for just-in-time or just-in-sequence supply of production, assembly or dispatch workstations. Further core competencies are customer-specific solutions including specially developed equipment and load carriers as well as plant control and its integration into customer IT systems.

We are ISO 9001 certified!

ISO 9001 Certification from TUEV SUED

With the goal of always providing exceptional quality to our customers, we are very proud that we have received the ISO 9001 certification from TUEV SUED.

Our world wide partners

Canada • China • France • Great Britain • Greece • India • Indonesia • Italy • Poland • Portugal • Romania • Slovakia • Spain • Switzerland • Turkey • USA

Schönenberger solutions are developed in close cooperation with the customer
Our goal is to map the material flow of our customers in our overhead transport systems and to make workflows as simple and efficient as possible – especially taking into account the spatial conditions on site. That is why our solutions are always the result of close conceptual and planning cooperation with the customer. This cooperation extends from the initial concept through the implementation, assembly and handover to reliable, competent and prompt service.

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