Managing variant diversity securely: For just-in-sequence deliveries in the automotive sector

When it comes to the automotive industry, optimized processes and fast responsiveness are crucial for the pinpoint production and delivery of individual products. Schönenberger overhead conveyor technology offers efficient solutions with high part variance, reliability and load capacity.

Our overhead conveyor technology enables intelligent use of space by moving storage and transport upwards. This creates more space on the floor for efficient production. The parts arrive at the designated workstation at the exact time and in the correct sequence.

With non-contact and gentle handling, overhead conveyor systems can be operated manually, partially or fully automated, depending on specific requirements. Dynamic storage and buffer areas provide smart order, flexibility and fast responsiveness in 24/7 production scenarios with variable load intensity. Optimize your automotive production with Schönenberger overhead conveyor technology.


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Transportlösungen für eine Vielzahl verschiedener Teile aus dem Automotivebereich

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