PERFECT ORGANIZATION, GENTLE HANDLING – our overhead transport system Omniflo

Efficiency in garment production must not be at the expense of quality and impeccable appearance. Therefore, largely contact-free transport plays a key role, as do perfectly regulated sequences and trouble-free processes.

The Schönenberger overhead transport system Omniflo speeds up the production process, provides the necessary overview and creates flexibility for changes at short notice. The result is an improved material flow. The workstations are connected to the overhead transport system, which gently transports the semi-finished or finished parts and delivers them in perfect condition – all the way from cutting to fusing and the sewing room to the finishing ironing room and the finished goods warehouse.

Even with a high variety of parts, unproductive transport work and search times are minimized. At the same time, employees are relieved at their workstations. Clearly regulated processes and order improve production management. Buffer stores bring important flexibility to production. In this way, work steps are decoupled – so that, in the event of an error, subsequent processes in the machining chain can continue undisturbed.

Gentle storage and fast access to textile roll stock

Flexible flow of goods in apparel production

High quality clothing on long trolley directly at the ironing workstation

Bright work areas for quality control on the long trolley

Gentle and space-saving storage of high-quality clothing

Loading loop for fast loading of trucks with hanging goods