The material flow in complex manufacturing processes often requires a combination of manual activities and partially or fully automated processes. Various components and products must be managed, i.e., transported to the workstations in a timely and sequenced manner, and from there through the entire production process. Storing them near the production areas is a challenge in terms of space and organization.

The modular Schönenberger overhead conveyor technology consistently transfers the transport and storage of parts and goods upwards. Depending on the room height, one to two storage levels can be created, opening up new space for dynamic storage. This clears the way for short distances and compact production, as well as overview and cleanliness. Subsequent extensions of the conveyor system are easily possible.

Reliable processes and flexibility
Parts and products are recorded electronically and traced throughout the entire production chain – the basis for smart production management and reliable processes. The smart parts management system is rounded off by automated loading and unloading stations which take some of the load off the staff at their workplaces.

Dynamic buffer and storage areas, along with a large number of load carriers, give the production process the necessary flexibility.

Order picking of spare parts

Production line for illuminants

Automated production line