At e-commerce deliver within 24h – Our intra-logistics system

When goods have to be shipped in the shortest possible time and returns have to be collected at the same time, intelligently regulated processes and maximum control are imperative. The crux is also to make returned goods available for shipment again in the shortest possible time so that inventory does not grow unnecessarily – the parade discipline for successful logistics in e-commerce.

Schönenberger’s modular and flexibly expandable overhead conveyor systems enable both: order-accurate processing every second and sufficient flexibility for fast-reacting work, e.g. if an order is changed at short notice. – At Schönenberger, we call this event-driven logistics. As a rule, e-commerce projects use the Schönenberger Intra-Logistics-System ILS2100 is implemented.
The products are transported under the ceiling without contact by means of various goods carriers and held in dynamic storage and buffer areas. Suspended goods can be managed and sorted with single load carriers and flat goods with bags in the same system. This leaves the floor space free for the functional areas: a plus in safety, overview and cleanliness in production and distribution.

High sorting performance and speed in e-commerce:

Our intra-logistics system offers automated processes and a sorting strategy tailored to the order structure for efficient throughput. Reading stations code the goods and transfer them to the trolley. Barcode or RFID enable seamless identification. Intelligent loading and unloading stations optimize parts management for reliable process safety and on-time deliveries.


Pocket sorter – storage and sorting of various goods

Pocket loading station – efficiency through fast feeding into the system

Schönenberger Systems

ILS mini trolley for higher transport and storage capacity

Successful customer projects in action

In the following sections, we present impressive success stories from companies in the automotive and textile logistics sectors that have successfully implemented overhead conveyor systems. These companies have recognized the benefits of our innovative solutions and optimized their logistics processes. By using our overhead conveyor technology, they have been able to increase efficiency, reduce lead times, and improve the flexibility of their supply chain. Learn more about these inspiring success stories and see the results for yourself.

Automotive / Faurecia

Success Story Faurecia AG

Textile logistics / Digel

Success Story Digel AG

Textile logistics / Bugatti

Success Story bugatti Retail

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