When goods have to be sent at frequent intervals and returns have to be collected simultaneously, smart processes and maximum control are a must. One of the central challenges also lies in making returned goods ready for shipping in very short times so that stock levels remain low.

Schönenberger’s modular, flexibly expandable overhead conveyor systems enable orders to be accurately processed at frequent intervals with sufficient flexibility for fast reactions, e.g., when an order is changed at short notice. We at Schönenberger call this “event-driven logistics.”
Usually, the Schönenberger Intra-Logistics-System ILS2100 is used.
Various contactless goods carriers take the products to the mezzanine level, where they are kept ready in dynamic storage and buffer areas. One and the same system can manage and sort hanging garments with single-load carriers and flat garments with pouches. The floor space thus remains free for the functional areas: an extra-plus in safety, monitoring and cleanliness in production and distribution.

High sorting performance and speed
Automated processes and a sorting strategy tailored to the ordering structure ensure a high throughput. Scanning stations read the codes on the merchandise and pass them on to the trolley.
As the trolleys are constantly identified using barcodes or RFID, it is guaranteed that the pre-determined flow of goods is monitored. The smart parts management system is rounded off by automated loading and unloading stations. The system is thus constantly surveilled, making the process reliable and adhering to deadlines.

Pouch Sorter – storage and sorting of different types of merchandise

Pouch Sorter loading station – efficiency through fast supply into the system

ILS Minitrolley for higher transport and storage capacity