Efficiency is crucial in the bicycle industry. Schoenenberger Systems understands the challenges faced by bicycle manufacturers, whether in assembly, storage or logistics. Our customized solutions offer a range of benefits that are specifically tailored to the needs of the bike industry.

Our innovative conveying and handling systems optimize the production process by speeding up the material flow and reducing operating costs. By using the latest technology and high-quality materials, we ensure the reliable performance and durability of our systems, which is crucial for bicycle manufacturers.

We also offer solutions for the storage and transportation of bicycle components and parts. Our storage solutions maximize the available space and ensure efficient organization of the workshop or warehouse. With our wide range of conveyor belts, shelving systems and automated storage solutions, bicycle manufacturers can optimize their storage capacity while ensuring fast and precise order processing.

Schoenenberger Systems attaches great importance to sustainability and environmental compatibility. Our systems are therefore designed to minimize energy consumption and reduce waste. By integrating intelligent control systems and energy-efficient components, we help bicycle manufacturers to reduce their ecological footprint and cut costs at the same time.

With our extensive know-how and many years of experience, we are the ideal partner for bicycle manufacturers looking for innovative solutions to optimize their production processes and gain a competitive edge. Contact us today to learn more about how Schoenenberger Systems can help you succeed in the bicycle industry.

Schönenberger overhead transport systems provide smart solutions along the entire value chain.
Schönenberger offers individualized conveyor systems along the production line through to the automatic handling of fully packaged e-bikes.
Within production, the merchandise supports are adapted to a one-piece flow and, in addition to their transport function, can also be used as an assembly station.

Our transport trolley offers logistics service providers the ideal opportunity for smooth picking and sorting of the increasingly heavy bikes.

Additional peripheral trades such as automatic palletizing can be considered in the overall context.
For the handling of spare parts and accessories the Schönenberger pocket sorter ILS is used.

Bike industry

Assembly trolley – one-piece flow in bicycle production

Transport trolley for e-bikes

Automatic palletizing of unloaded bike cartons

Successful customer projects in action

In the following sections, we present impressive success stories from companies in the automotive and textile logistics sectors that have successfully implemented overhead conveyor systems. These companies have recognized the benefits of our innovative solutions and optimized their logistics processes. By using our overhead conveyor technology, they have been able to increase efficiency, reduce lead times, and improve the flexibility of their supply chain. Learn more about these inspiring success stories and see the results for yourself.

Automotive / Faurecia

Success Story Faurecia AG

Textile logistics / Digel

Success Story Digel AG

Textile logistics / Bugatti

Success Story bugatti Retail

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