The bike industry has been facing tremendous challenges during the last few years.
With the corona pandemic the focus has turned on social considerations, e.g. the increasing use of bikes instead of cars on shorter distances. The rethinking of consumer behaviors constantly puts pressure on manufacturers as well as logistics service providers to adapt to the changes.

Schönenberger overhead conveyor systems provide smart solutions along the entire supply chain. We offer customized conveyor systems along the production line through to the automatic handling of perfectly packed e-bikes.

During the production process, the goods carriers are adapted to a one-piece flow-system and can be used as an assembly station in addition to their transport function.

Our transport trolley offers logistics service providers the ideal solution for trouble-free order picking and sorting of increasingly heavy bikes.

Additional peripheral works such as automatic palletizing can also be taken into account.

The Schönenberger ILS pouch sorter ensures the smooth handling of spare parts and accessories.

Assembly Trolley – One-Piece-Flow in bike production

Logistics solutions for the bike industry

Transport Trolley für e-bikes

Automatic palletizing of unloaded bike cardboard boxes


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