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ILS Pouch Sorter Loading Station

ILS Pouch Sorter Unloading Station

Packplatz mit gemischter Ware für Hänge- und Liegeware

Packing station for flat and hanging garments

The ranges of products in online commerce and retail are always growing.
Customer should be able to cover all requirements in their own shops. For instance, the spectrum ranges from shoes to pocket handkerchiefs, from suits to women’s blouses. Even luxury items like perfumes or watches aren’t hard to find. The number of items for individual orders is declining. The number of shipments, on the other hand, is growing exponentially. Service providers are starting to leave out secondary packaging for sustainability reasons. Return rates remain as high as ever.
These are the greatest challenges facing intralogistics.


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In order to accomodate this diversity, the Schönenberger Intralogistics-System ILS2100 can be equipped with bags and can gently transport delicate goods. High-grade apparel like sports coats, dresses, blazers, etc., which have to be hung and stored wrinkle-free until shipping, are conveyed in the same system with single-load carriers. This way, shipments of flat garments and hanging garments are sorted mixed and delivered to the pack station with pinpoint accuracy. Sorted goods for hanging shipments for retail are automatically separated. The resulting high-quality presentation for end customers increase customer loyalty and sales success, and reduce return rates.

With the Schönenberger system, returned goods don’t have to be put back into storage. After the quality check and product identification, the individual piece is ready for shipping again right away – which has a positive effect on inventory.

The Intra-Logistics-System ILS2100 also offers impressive possibilities for product ranges outside of apparel logistics.

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