Two overhead conveyor systems, one goal: With the two overhead conveyors OMNIFLO and ILS 2100 Schönenberger finds an individual answer to all requirements and spatial conditions. For the gentle transport and optimum material flow of a wide variety of materials and parts, we offer proven standard trolleys as well as customized carrier solutions within the scope of overhead conveyor technology.

If transport and storage are consistently carried out under the ceiling, the floor space remains free for the value-adding activities – but also for overview, cleanliness and safety in production, distribution and logistics. Both Schönenberger overhead conveyors OMNIFLO and ILS 2100 have a modular design, can be flexibly adapted to all room situations and can also be combined with each other. The result is always a process-safe logistics solution with direct transport routes, intelligent barcode / RFID product identification and tracking, and ergonomic handling.

  • Schönenberger overhead conveyor OMNIFLO
    For flexible, fast transport of larger quantities and weights as well as bulky goods. Including a wide variety of conveyor technologies, e.g. inclined and vertical conveyors for floor connection or Power & Free conveyors for accumulating goods on the conveyor line. Can be automated and expanded at any time. The overhead conveyor system can also be used manually.
  • Schönenberger overhead conveyor system ILS 2100
    For responsive processing of products in batch size 1. Enables fully automated assembly of individual, multi-part orders as well as the fastest possible collection of returns – including automated loading and unloading. Ideal e-commerce solution for a wide range of products.

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