Shipping sensitive, high-quality garments requires much more than gentle handling. Considering increasingly short delivery times and a large number of returns, it is particularly important for processes to be highly efficient and perfectly meshed.

Schönenberger’s modular overhead conveyor systems allow storage areas and workstations to be optimally interlinked using fully or partially automated transport routes. The products are stored and transported either hanging or flat in various goods carriers. The garments are assigned to specific trolleys, which are identified using barcodes. This allows them to be tracked and routed automatically.

Connecting trolleys to form trolley trains speeds up the flow of goods, while dynamic storage and buffer areas above workstations provide flexibility and ensure that throughput is efficient and follows short routes.


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Intra-Logistics-System ILS 2100 for transport and sequencing of individual parts

Unloading of hangers from longtrolley into the packing unit

Automatic transport between different levels

Omniflo overhead conveyor system - Intelligent switch solutions

Static warehouse with centrally suspended rail for picking

ILS Minitrolley for higher transport and storage capacity

Teleskopierbare Ladeschleife

Extendable loading dock boom for fast truck loading with hanging garments

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