Solve current textile logistics challenges with an overhead transport system

Challenges of the textile industry

  • Fast fashion and short delivery times: Apparel companies need to be able to meet the increasing demand for fast and reliable (B2B and B2C) deliveries.

  • Warehousing and inventory management: A wide variety of goods and assortments make warehousing and inventory management a challenge.

  • Quality Control: In the textile industry, ensuring quality is critical.

Our solution

  • Efficient warehousing systems, optimized order processing and a uniform process for all distribution channels create the basis for a well-coordinated intralogistics transport network.

  • Schönenberger overhead conveyor systems enable accurate tracking of inventory and ensure the availability of the right products at the right time.

  • The use of overhead conveyor technology eliminates long running and search times. The employees can pursue more creative activities.


Shipping delicate, high-quality clothing requires much more than gentle handling. In view of ever shorter delivery deadlines and high return rates, processes in particular must be highly efficient and mesh perfectly.

The modular
overhead transport systems
from Schönenberger enable the optimized interlocking of storage areas, work stations with fully or partially automated transport routes. The products are stored and transported by means of various goods carriers (long trolleys, basket trolleys) either hanging or lying. In this process, the goods are assigned to specific trolleys, which are identified via barcodes. This allows the goods carriers to be automatically tracked and routed.

Linking trolleys to trolley trains speeds up the flow of goods, while dynamic storage as well as buffer areas above the workstations provide flexibility and ensure efficient throughput over the shortest possible distances.

How the Witt Group uses Schönenberger overhead conveyor systems:

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More Information

Handling B2B and B2C orders in one process with flexible textile logistics

Challenges for textile logistics lie in the handling of different distribution channels. In stationary retail, the focus is on bringing large quantities of the same products to the points of sale. E-commerce, on the other hand, involves a large number of small and diverse goods. Often these are single part orders. If logistics are not designed for such different volumes and distribution channels, decisive disadvantages arise compared to e-commerce-enabled competitors.

With a Schönenberger overhead conveyor system you get a highly flexible intralogistics system with which you can handle both stationary trade and e-commerce customers in one process. It does not matter whether an order consists of a single part or 100 parts.

With our innovative overhead conveyor technology, we enable companies to meet the challenges of garment logistics. Our solution enables efficient and flexible processing of orders, regardless of their size and distribution channel. This enables brick-and-mortar retailers to successfully face the competition of e-commerce and at the same time benefit from the advantages of traditional sales.

A wide range of possible applications ensures an individual solution adapted to the needs of your textile logistics:

Intra-logistics system ILS2100 for transport and sequencing of individual parts

Unloading of the hangers from the long trolley and feeding into the packaging machine

Overhead conveyor technology for the textile industry even over several room levels

Automatic conveyor line for multiple levels

Static bearing with central rail for picking

ILS Minitrolley für zusammengehörige Packs oder Griffeinheiten.

ILS mini trolley for higher transport and storage capacity

Loading loops are also part of our overhead conveyor portfolio

Telescopic loop for fast loading of trucks

Successful customer projects in action

In the following sections, we present impressive success stories from companies in the automotive and textile logistics sectors that have successfully implemented overhead conveyor systems. These companies have recognized the benefits of our innovative solutions and optimized their logistics processes. By using our overhead conveyor technology, they have been able to increase efficiency, reduce lead times, and improve the flexibility of their supply chain. Learn more about these inspiring success stories and see the results for yourself.

Automotive / Faurecia

Success Story Faurecia AG

Textile logistics / Digel

Success Story Digel AG

Textile logistics / Bugatti

Success Story bugatti Retail

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