Trolley-less conveyor systems for transportation and sorting

Selective supply of production from the ceiling: pin conveyor for feeding assembly workstations for seat covers with clothes hanger clamps

Latch conveyor for pressure-free transportation of delicate clothing

Combination of optimal technology: transfer of GoH from a pin conveyor to an endless conveyor

In internal logistics, it is often necessary to transport large quantities of items quickly and gently to a downstream area for further processing or to distribute them intelligently. In addition to the ILS 2100 and Omniflo trolley systems, Schönenberger also offers trolley-less conveyor systems for transportation and sorting.

Various systems such as pin conveyors, latch conveyors, endless conveyors and sorting conveyors are used here. Technologies that complete the Schönenberger product portfolio and are of course compatible with the Schönenberger trolley systems. Goods outside the clothing range can also be transported on clamping hangers with a hanger head.

Lean and space-saving: the use of the ideal technology is defined depending on the product, the spatial conditions and your requirements.

Pin conveyor

  • Safe transportation of goods on steep inclines and declines
  • Ideal for large volume flows with the same objective
  • Double-sided discharge and safe transfer to connecting conveyors or static chute areas
  • Fast collection of hanging goods from a truck, perfect interaction of a loading beam with a pin conveyor to minimize truck downtimes
  • Fast distribution of goods to workstations or static storage areas, where prior trolley loading would be an unnecessary intermediate step

Latch conveyor

  • Accumulation of products and safe separation, e.g. in front of a reading station
  • Form-fitting carry-on of 1 coat hanger
  • Goods can be pushed into the conveyor manually and are automatically removed separately
  • Ideal for combining transport and accumulation areas in one conveyor
  • Simple interruption of the flow of goods by stopping the goods at certain points, e.g. for a passage or in an emergency

Endless conveyor

  • Very flexibly configurable endless conveyor for transporting large quantities, e.g. between building sections
  • Minimal lifetime costs: low maintenance and energy-saving
  • Batch delivery to warehouses

Sorting conveyor

  • Very space-saving sorter for the distribution of products, e.g. in storage rows
  • Cost-efficient sorting solution for standard products
  • Design of simple hanging sorter systems

Our conveyor systems offer a wide range of solutions for efficient material transportation. The pin conveyor ensures safe transportation of goods, even on inclines. The latch conveyor enables products to be accumulated and separated, while the endless conveyor transports large quantities flexibly. The sorting conveyor offers cost-efficient distribution of products. From safe transfers to space-saving sorting – our conveyor systems optimize your logistics processes.

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Weitere Informationen

The trolley-less conveyor systems mentioned can of course be combined with each other, but also with the Schönenberger trolley systems. Appropriate loading and unloading stations for trolley transport systems such as Schönenberger Omniflo and Schönenberger ILS 2100 overhead conveyors, as well as reloading stations, allow the optimum design of an individual overhead conveyor system for your suitable intralogistics!