Efficient overhead transport solutions for mattress production: Optimized material flow and storage for higher efficiency and productivity

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In mattress production, be it manufactory production or series production, a material-friendly handling of partial and finished products is crucial. With high throughput and just-in-sequence requirements, structured and (partially) automated processes are essential.

Transport and (intermediate) storage play a central role in efficient production. Our overhead transport systems use the free space under the ceiling to enable material-friendly and clean transport as well as intermediate storage of mattresses. This offers a double advantage: it creates space for value-adding activities in production while minimizing physically demanding work. In addition, time-consuming searching for the right parts is eliminated.

Our systems automatically ensure transport in the right sequence and at the right time to the appropriate workstations. Each trolley is equipped with a barcode or RFID chip so that it can be tracked along the entire process chain. The data obtained can be used for continuous inventory, for example.

Rely on our mattress production solutions to produce economically and on time while achieving efficiency gains.

Storage and sequencing of mattress covers

Single carrier system for ILS 2100 for sequencing mattress covers