SCHÖNENBERGER is a well-known intralogistics specialist in developing and designing transport systems for hanging garments. Gentle handling and safe transport – especially for high-quality ladies’ and gentlemen’s outerwear – are the main requirements in this market segment.
With the SCHÖNENBERGER Pouch Sorter ILS 2100 we can also offer an excellent solution for the handling of flat-folded garments. This is why we are the partner for professional fashion logistics management!

The following video gives you a brief idea how the Pouch Sorter ILS 2100 system works:

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Your benefits with the SCHÖNENBERGER Pouch Sorter ILS 2100:

  • Reduction of walking distances and therefore an increased pick-rate due to the possibility to switch from order related-picking to batch-picking.
  • Fully automated sorting prevents picking mistakes and eliminates partial deliveries.
  • Efficient unloading allows an efficient feeding of the packing stations or of an automated packaging line.
  • Efficient handling of returned items.
  • Use of the space above makes additional floor space available for value-adding works. Transport, intermediate storage and sorting are placed under the ceiling.
  • Safe and gentle transport in patented stretch pouch.
  • Increased sales volumes and shortest delivery times thanks to shortest processing times.
  • Easier management of order peaks such as Black Friday e.g.
  • Smart material-management-processes ensure lower dependence on trained staff.
  • Ergonomic work stations result in reduced absences caused by illness and increased motivation of your staff as well.

High product return rates have always been a great challenge for e-commerce fashion logistics.
The SCHÖNENBERGER Pouch Sorter is the perfect answer to face this challenge:
Returned items can be re-entered quickly and efficiently into the system and especially
so-called high runners can then be stored in the pouch! This means that these items are immediately available again for dispatch. This also means that your stock levels are significantly reduced and that double picking-processes are eliminated.

For the sortation and transport of hanging garments only, our single-carrier SC is used.
For the storage, transport and sortation of flat-folded garments, we offer our patented sorter pouch which opens downward. Fastest unloading makes it easy to feed an automatic packaging line – bringing a significantly increased throughput.
The combined transport of hanging and flat-folded garments with different load carriers in the same system is of course possible.

Just click on the video to see how this combined handling works! Even bulky items as shoes e.g. fit in this pouch.

The modular system can be expanded at any time, e.g. to accommodate more storage areas. Additional induct stations or packing stations can be integrated.
The system can be adjusted to your individual spatial conditions and therefore areas will be used that otherwise will remain unused.

The SCHÖNENBERGER Omniflo System, our centrally suspended overhead trolley system, can be easily connected to the ILS System: The items which are needed during a specific time period are picked by the employees and put in a so-called basket-trolley.
Then these items are placed into the pouch for sortation.

Did we get your attention? Please don’t’ hesitate to contact if you wish to

  • improve your efficiency – especially at peak times.
  • increase customer satisfaction.
  • strengthen your competitiveness.

We gladly assist you find your perfect intralogistics solution – individually designed to your specific requirements!