As a result of the climate discussions and the current travel restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic, the sale of bicycles is booming! An attractive product portfolio and a perfect webshop are important factors. But it is also important that the intralogistics processes can handle the growing volumes maintaining shortest delivery times. On top of that an efficient and cost saving returns management is an indispensable part of your competitive position.

Bike manufacturers have to perfectly manage all processes to fulfill the various demands from customers, dealers, staff, etc. and still operate profitably. Especially the outbound and the returns management still offer room for improvement.

The following video will provide you with an insight how the SCHÖNENBERGER pouch sorter ILS 2100 works and what is in it for you:

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More Information

Your advantages with a SCHÖNENBERGER pouch sorter ILS 2100:

  • Reduction of walking distances and therefore an increased pick-rate due to the possibility to switch from order-related picking to batch-picking.
  • Swift re-entry of returned items for an immediate availability of high runners for the next order reduces your stock levels.
  • Low dependence on trained staff.
  • Fully automated sorting prevents picking mistakes and eliminates partial deliveries.
  • Use of the space above makes additional floor space available for value-adding works. Transport, intermediate storage and sorting are placed under the ceiling.
  • Increased throughput and shortest delivery times due to shortest processing times.
  • Safe and gentle transport in patented stretch pouch.
  • Easier management of order peaks such as Black Friday e.g.
  • Ergonomic work stations result in reduced absences caused by illness and increased motivation of your staff.

The pouch is designed to hold products up to 2.5 kg with dimensions of
400 x 550 x 150mm (width x height x depth).
The modular system can be expanded at any time, e. g. to accommodate more storage areas. Additional induct stations or packing stations can be integrated.
Every system can be adjusted to your individual spatial conditions. That way we will often use areas that otherwise will be unused.

Together with you we will define your logistics solution for your specific product portfolio!

For the commissioning and an effortless transport of heavy and bulky items such as E-bike cardboard boxes, Schönenberger offers another interesting hanging conveyor solution:

Have you ever considered overhead conveyor technology for bike logistics?

Your benefits:

  • Automatie sorting according t o orders or delivery areas
  • lncreased safeness: No interaction with forklifts or footways in storage area
  • Higher pick rates
  • lncreased space utilization
  • Less physical strain for your employess
  • Less damages in logistics processes

Solution of Schönenberger:

  • Pick-solution in at the high bay storage
  • Sorting system for order completion
  • Linkage of workplace at the assembly line
Schönenberger Systems

Based on this trolley solution, Schönenberger can ease the commissioning of bicycles from a high bay rack and automate the sortation of shipments. We can further offer semi-automatic unloading solutions to speed up the loading / unloading process and to reduce the manpower involved.

Please contact us if you wish to

  • increase your performance – especially to better cope with peaks!
  • increase customer satisfaction!
  • be one step ahead of your competitors!