Whether you are manufacturing products manually or in series, textiles production requires parts and finished products to be handled in a material-friendly manner – even with high throughputs and just-in-sequence requirements. Structured, fully or partially automated processes are essential to produce small series, large quantities and short-term orders economically and on time.

Their transport and long-term or temporary storage form the backbone of every efficient production system. Schönenberger’s overhead rail systems use the free space below the ceiling to transport items gently and cleanly as well as for temporary storage. The double advantage: there is new space in the production area for value-adding activities, and at the same time less physically strenuous work.

Even time-consuming searches are eliminated: the merchandise is automatically transported to the workplaces in the correct sequence and at the right time. Each trolley is equipped with a barcode or RFID chip and can thus be tracked through the entire process chain. The data obtained can be used for continuous inventory, e. g.


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