Efficient garment production must not come at the expense of quality and a flawless appearance. Largely contactless conveyors therefore play a key role, along with perfectly regulated workflows and trouble-less processes.

Schönenberger’s overhead Omnilflo Trolley System accelerates the production process, provides the necessary overview and creates flexibility for last-minute changes. The result is an improved material flow. The workstations are connected to the overhead rail system, which gently transports the semi-finished or finished items and delivers them in perfect condition – all the way from cutting to fusing on to the sewing room and the ironing of the finished products, and finally into the finished goods warehouse.

Even when dealing with a wide variety of items, unproductive transport and search times are minimized, while the workers are relieved of some of their load at their workplaces. Clearly regulated procedures and organization improve production management. Buffer stores bring important flexibility into production. Work steps no longer rely on one another, so subsequent processes in the processing chain can continue undisturbed in the event of a fault.

Gentle storage and fast availability of textile rolls

Flexible material flow in garment production

High-quality garments on longtrolleys right at the ironing table

Bright working environment for quality control on longtrolleys

Gentle and space-saving storage of high-quality garments

Extendable loading dock boom for fast loading of trucks with hanging garments